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Isn't a tumba simply a low conga? Badagnani talk12 December UTC.


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One of the best attested rulers of the 13th Dynasty, Neferhotep I reigned for 11 years. The grandson of a non-royal townsman from a Theban family with a military background, Neferhotep I's relation to his predecessor Sobekhotep III is unclear and he may have usurped the throne. Little is known of his activities during his decade-long reign and the most important document surviving from his rule is a stela from Abydos recounting the fashioning of an image of Osiris and Neferhotep's determination that it be made "as instructed by the gods at the beginning of time".

Towards the end of his reign, Neferhotep I shared the throne with his brother Sihathora coregency that lasted a few months to a year. The reigns of the two brothers mark the apex of the 13th Dynasty. Neferhotep I seems to have come from a non-royal family of Thebes with a military background.

Nehy was married to a woman called Senebtysy. Nothing is known about her other than that she held the common title "lady of the house". Their only known son was called Haankhef. Haankhef always appears in the sources as "God's father" and "royal sealer" and his wife Kemi as "king's mother" indicating that neither of them was of royal birth. The parentage of Neferhotep and Haankhef is directly confirmed by a number of scarab seals from El-Lahun where the latter is said to be the father of the former.

This is an extremely rare occurrence as the Turin canon normally only names the pharaohs, while non-royal people are excluded from the list.

Beyond Haankhef, the only other exception to this rule is the father of Sobekhotep II.

dejta i tumba

Egyptologists have noted that instead of hiding their non-royal origins, Neferhotep I, his predecessor Sobekhotep III, and his successor Sobekhotep IV, remarkably, proclaimed them on their stelae and scarab seals.

These proclamations of non-royal origins were possibly made to dissociate these kings from their immediate predecessors, in particular Seth Meribre whose monuments have been usurped and defaced. Inscriptions from Aswan indicate that Neferhotep I had at least two children, named Haankhef and Kemi like his parents, with a woman called Senebsen.

Sobekhotep IV, whose reign marks the apex of the 13th Dynastymentions on a stela Cairo JE that was placed in the temple of Amun at Karnak that he was born in Thebes: [16]. My majesty [came] to the Southern City since I wanted to see the august god; it is my city in which I was born. I saw the vigor of his majesty i.

Amun at every single feast when I was a child who could not yet conceive. Similarly, Neferhotep I could well have been born in Thebes; even though the capital of Egypt during the 13th Dynasty was still Itjtawy in the north, near the modern village of el-Lisht. Neferhotep I is known from a relatively high number of objects found over a large area, from Byblos to the north to the Egyptian fortresses of Buhen [17] and Mirgissa [18] in Lower Nubia to the south [3] through all parts of Egypt, especially in the southern portion of Upper Egypt.

Beyond these contemporary attestations, Neferhotep is listed on the 34th entry of the Karnak king list [32] as well as the 7th column, 25th row of the Turin canon. Neferhotep I's relative chronological position is secured thanks to the Turin canon as well as contemporary attestations. Since his father Haankhef and mother Kemi are also well attested and not known to have had any title beyond those of "God's father" and "King's mother", respectively, Egyptologists such as Kim Ryholt and Darrell Baker believe that Neferhotep I was of non-royal birth and usurped the throne.

The military background of his family might have played a role in this. Whether Neferhotep I usurped the throne at the expense of Sobekhotep III or inherited it, it's possible he acceded to power over a fragmented Egypt. The Egyptologist Kim Ryholt believes that the Canaanite 14th Dynasty was already in existence at the time, forming an independent realm controlling at least the Eastern Nile Delta.

Alternatively, recent excavations have yielded seals of Neferhotep's brother Sobekhotep IV in proximity with seals of the powerful Hyksos king Khyan of the 15th Dynasty c. This conclusion is strongly debated at the moment since Sobekhotep IV and Khyan are separated by c. In spite of the numerous attestations known for Neferhotep I, relatively little is known of the activities he undertook during his decade-long reign.

The pedestal [31] of Neferhotep I and Sobekhotep IV as well as the naos of Neferhotep discovered by Georges Legrain in Karnak [36] indicate that he undertook some building works there. The naos was located beneath the foundations of the northern obelisk of Hatshepsut. The most important monument of the king surviving to this day is a large, heavily eroded stela dating to his second regnal year and found in Abydos.

The inscription on the stela is one of the few ancient Egyptian royal texts to record how a king might conceive of and order the making of a sculpture. As usual, the stela begins with Neferhotep's titulary: [47] [48] [49]. It then describes how Neferhotep, residing in his palace "Exalted of Beauty" likely located in Itjtawy, desires that an image of Osiris be made in order for it to participate in the yearly festival held in the god's honour in Abydos in Upper Egypt.

Meanwhile, or possibly before sending the messenger, the statue of Osiris is made of silvergold and copperthe work being carried out under the supervision of the king. More generally, Neferhotep's time on the throne was likely prosperous as there are many private monuments datable to his reign and that of his brother, [50] and especially in sculpture some remarkably high quality art works were produced.In this section you will find out where to search for this tomb, as well as what you can do in it.

Finding the tomb, as well as the lever to activate the head of the statue is very easy - the only difficulty is to lead the head to a special circle. It is a large location, visible directly on the map. If you haven't taken over the Delta Rio Wanay region yet, you won't be able to use fast travel option to get to the tomb - in such case you have to get there by standard methods.

When you reach the tomb, you will immediately see the head of the statue placed on top of the ruins. Just below the ruins there is a lever to activate the head - use it. The head will start rolling, but after a while it stops in the central part of the location. The circle to which you have to lead your head is a little further away. You now have to pull your head with the grapple. The easiest way is to move the head along the main road in the location. The obstacle are the staircase next to the target.

The grapple may not be enough, so use the modification - Airlifter. Attach a few balloons to the head, then pull in with the use of grapple - the head of the statue will lift slightly and pass through the stairs without any problems. After bringing the head to the circle, the crypt will open.

The tomb will be successfully completed. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

dejta i tumba

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dejta i tumba

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